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Weathering the Storm Part I

Stories with Impact: March

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Hurricane Matthew

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On October 1, 2016, Hurricane Matthew gained strength over the eastern Caribbean as a Category 5 storm.  It made landfall on October 8 in the United States as a Category 1 hurricane with 75 mph winds at McClennanville, SC. Despite initial forecasts that North Carolina would escape most of the storm, Matthew turned inland over eastern North Carolina, unleashing heavy rainfall over the span of 40 miles from the coast. Total rainfall is estimated to be in the neighborhood of 17 inches by North Carolina Department of Insurance estimates. To make matters worse, the ground was already saturated from previous Hurricane Hermine. Inland rivers rose to levels never recorded, washing away homes and lives with unexpected force and devastation. The death toll in the United States is estimated at 47 with 26 of those deaths reported in North Carolina. State officials estimate $1.6 billion in damage to over 100,000 homes, business and government buildings was the result of this storm, making it one of the costliest United States storms.

As of March 8, 2018, Hurricane Matthew recovery is still in full force, as areas hardest hit struggle to rebuild and provide adequate housing for its citizens.

One of the hardest areas hit was Lumberton, North Carolina (source: USA Today), stranding over 1500 people and devastating over 2,500 homes. This was “ground zero” in North Carolina and where NC REALTORS® devoted weeks of resources in the form of manpower, supplies, and monetary donations to residents hardest hit.

As of March 8, 2018, Hurricane Matthew recovery is still in full force, as areas hardest hit struggle to rebuild and provide adequate housing for its citizens. Some areas have since seen a significant decline in population due to storm-ravaged communities that now face housing shortages. Despite the damage areas such as Lumberton, North Carolina faced, these communities learned how resilient they are when they faced insurmountable circumstances. Lumberton was one of the communities featured in our recent video, RESILIENT.

Read Part 2 of the Weathering the Storm series.

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At the heart of America are cities, towns, and communities that are the pulse of all Americans – friends, family, and colleagues. It’s our communities, from coast-to-coast and small towns to urban meccas, that help make us who we are. They help to define us, celebrating, supporting, shaping, and lifting us in our time of need. Within every community are untold stories – of resiliency, hardships, growth, entrepreneurship, personal development, history, and homeownership – itching to be brought into the spotlight. It’s our mission to tell these stories and share them with the world as part of our #XCHANGE18 unconventional convention.

We need your help! As REALTORS®, you are epic relationship builders, close-knit community members, and master problem-solvers. You have your fingers on the pulse of the neighborhoods, towns, communities, and cities you live, work, and play in. These are your stories. Be the star of your own story by helping us bring them to life.

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