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September 15-18, 2018

Weathering the Storm Part 2

Stories with Impact: March

Historical Flood - West Virginia - 2016
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West Virginia Floods (2016)

Read Part 1 of the Weathering the Storm series.

In June 2016, catastrophic flooding tragically killed 23 people when 8 to 10 inches of rain hit parts of West Virginia and Virginia in what is one of the deadliest floods in West Virginia’s history. Knowing that NC REALTORS® would be hosting its 2016 Annual Conference in West Virginia at The Greenbrier in September of the same year – just weeks after the flood hit – NC REALTORS® jumped into action and partnered with the West Virginia Association of REALTORS® to give back during our event. Together, we adopted a homeowner in one of the hardest hit communities nearby and donated materials, supplies, and manpower to help rebuild his home. NC REALTORS® and WV REALTORS® staff, members, and family members pulled together over the course of several days before, during, and after to perform demo, lay flooring, hang sheetrock, and more. Learn more about NC REALTORS® impact in West Virginia following the great Flood of 2016 in the galleries below.



Be the star of your own story.

At the heart of America are cities, towns, and communities that are the pulse of all Americans – friends, family, and colleagues. It’s our communities, from coast-to-coast and small towns to urban meccas, that help make us who we are. They help to define us, celebrating, supporting, shaping, and lifting us in our time of need. Within every community are untold stories – of resiliency, hardships, growth, entrepreneurship, personal development, history, and homeownership – itching to be brought into the spotlight. It’s our mission to tell these stories and share them with the world as part of our #XCHANGE18 unconventional convention.

We need your help! As REALTORS®, you are epic relationship builders, close-knit community members, and master problem-solvers. You have your fingers on the pulse of the neighborhoods, towns, communities, and cities you live, work, and play in. These are your stories. Be the star of your own story by helping us bring them to life.

Below are the monthly themes we are crafting stories around. If you see a topic you identify with, please email Tracey Gould at

  • Workforce Housing/Jobs
  • Creative Use of Real Estate
  • Economic Development/Smart Growth
  • Advocacy and Legislative Impact
  • Education
  • Historic Preservation/Downtown Main Street Programs/National Small Business Week

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