New education format takes center stage at XCHANGE ’18

Forget everything you thought you knew about how we do education at convention. We’ve flipped the script, rewritten all the lines and given you the power to choose your own educational journey. XCHANGE ’18 brings together a featured cast of 16 industry experts, ready to deliver thought-provoking, inspirational and actionable sessions in a variety of styles. You won’t have to sit and stare at a talking head for hours. Instead, work side-by-side with session leaders and interact with your peers to solve problems, avoid dilemmas and perfect your professional skills.

Because we have several different sessions going on at the same time this year, we’ve put together an education matrix to help you plan out your day on Monday, September 17. There’s a mix of quick how-to sessions, more in-depth workshops and specialty areas of interest for commercial brokers, property managers and BICs & AEs. There’s definitely something for everyone, and we hope you find great value in this new education format.

Download the Matrix



XCHANGE '18 Education Matrix