XCHANGE ’18 | Canceled due to Hurricane Florence

As you all know, Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall in the coming days and directly impact the great state of North Carolina during the same time XCHANGE ’18 was scheduled in Wilmington.

Unfortunately, both the State of Real Estate and XCHANGE ’18 Convention & Expo for 2018 are officially canceled and will not be rescheduled due to expected impacts around the state, as well as venue closures and evacuations currently underway.

NC REALTORS® is devastated by this turn of events. Hundreds of members, speakers, exhibitors, community members, and sponsors, as well as staff, were scheduled to arrive in Wilmington in a matter of days. NC REALTORS® volunteers and staff, along with the City of Wilmington, Convention and Visitors Bureau, and all of our venues, speakers, and vendors, have worked tirelessly for over two years planning these events.

If you were a registered attendee or exhibitor and have hotel reservations for either event, please contact your hotel specifically and cancel your reservations as soon as possible. Many hotels are waiving cancellation fees and cancellation notice periods but being proactive will be best. For convention and exhibitor registration refunds, NC REALTORS® is currently in communication with the event insurance provider to discuss how and when these will be issued and follow-up with another message to registered attendees in the very near future.

NC REALTORS® staff have rescheduled the business meetings – Membership Meeting, Executive Committee Meeting, Board of Directors, etc. — required by our bylaws, as well as select other events like Inaugural, for a date in the very near future. Please stay tuned to the NC REALTORS® website, email, and social channels for more information.

Hurricane Florence is a significant storm and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Please heed all warnings from officials in your respective areas and evacuate if directed. While we don’t fully know what is in store for our state over the coming days, it is important that we all prepare for the worst. You can find numerous disaster resources on ncrealtors.org. Your safety is first priority. Please know that NC REALTORS® is here for you.

At a time like this, we hope for the best but prepare for the worst. We are fortunate to have a charitable foundation with a history of supporting disaster victims. Once the storm passes and the skies clear, our Housing Foundation will step up to the plate.

If you want to help with hurricane recovery efforts, please donate to the Housing Foundation and earmark your gift for Disaster Relief. Go to ncrealtorsHF.org/donate today.

Questions? See if our Q&A can help. Please direct all other questions and comments related to convention to convention@ncrealtors.org.

September 10, 2018

Have questions? Please email convention@ncrealtors.org.

NC REALTORS® is monitoring Hurricane Florence very closely.

We expect to be able to provide more information to our attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and others later in the week. We appreciate your patience.

NC REALTORS® asks that you please direct questions about NC REALTORS® Convention & Expo to convention@ncrealtors.org.