Celebrity Sightings

In celebration of Wilmington’s Hollywood East brand, we asked you to tell us about your celebrity sightings and show us your photos! Here are the responses to the question, “Have you met a celebrity?”

Toya Roseboro and Mary J Blige

Toya Roseboro and Mary J Blige

Toya & Mary J.

I was lucky enough a few years ago to meet the legendary Miss Mary J. Blige during a VIP meet and greet! She told me that I was beautiful, and then I told her that she was beautiful! She was very nice to all of her fans, and the show was awesome!

~ Toya Roseboro, WEICHERT, REALTORS Rebhan & Associates, Charlotte

Chanel & Susan Sarandon

Yes! I shared a casual coffee with Susan Sarandon in West Palm Beach while she was in town filming a movie. There were no other tables, so she asked me if I minded sharing. She was lovely and very down to earth. It was quite an afternoon! Btw, this was before selfies!

~ Chanel Hart D’Aprix, Domicile Realty, Chapel Hill

John & Ray Liotta

Ray Liotta with the family of John McPherson

Ray Liotta with the family of John McPherson

My wife and I were in our hotel in San Antonio and were listening to an artist in the lobby. A guy started talking to her while I was getting a drink and showing a game on his iPhone to our 10 month old. I turned around and was like no way. I got closer and asked a question and he turned and looked at me and it was who I thought — Ray Liotta. Great guy!

~ John McPherson, Coldwell Banker Triad, Winston Salem

Stephanie & Bruce Springsteen

When I was in college at the University of Maryland, I took Bruce Springsteen to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in my 1974 Vega with a “monkey jungle” bumper sticker. This was back in the early 80’s so no digital photographs at the time. Wish I had the pic, but it doesn’t exist.

I had a friend who worked for Bruce, and they were in town to play the Capital Center the following day. I picked them up at the hotel and took them on a tour and to the museum. Didn’t actually know how cool that was at the time!

~ Stephanie Walker, Stephanie Walker and Associates, Kitty Hawk

Deirdre & Hillary

Deirdre Lynch and Hillary Clinton

Deirdre Lynch and Hillary Clinton

I had the privilege of meeting and getting a selfie with Hillary Clinton. During her campaigning, she visited the church I attend, Little Rock AME Zion. I was singing in the choir that Sunday, had to use the restroom and when I came out she was right in front of me. I immediately grabbed my cell phone and asked for a selfie and she said OF COURSE. I was so excited and honored to capture that selfie.

~ Deirdre Lynch, Allen Tate University, Charlotte

Paige & The Fonz

My husband’s family lives in California. We were at the John Wayne Airport in Orange County ready to board a plane home when I decided to get a Starbucks coffee. I was waiting in line. I looked up and Henry Winkler (The FONZ) was making a beeline towards me to get in line. I said hello and shook his hand, trying to not bother him too much by being a pesky fan. Next thing I know, people are coming from everywhere! I should have been a pesky fan!!!! That was my brief encounter. No picture, no autograph :(. He had on the most beautiful Carolina blue, cable knit, cashmere sweater I have ever seen!!!

~ Paige Frank, Fathom Realty, Pfafftown

Elizabeth Hensley and Evander Holyfield

Elizabeth & Evander Holyfield

My celebrity is Evander Holyfield!  World-famous, heavyweight champion with 44 wins, 29 knockouts.  In my opinion he defeated Lennox Lewis and should have been given his 45th win.

I met Mr. Holyfield in Chicago, August 10, 2015, at the NAR 2016 Leadership Summit. Mr. Holyfield spoke about his childhood and growing up in Atlanta, GA. He walked to the Boys and Girls Club every day and would peek in on the boxing ring and dreamt of himself being a boxer one day.  He spoke with compassion about the “mentor” he met at the Boys and Girls Club. He said this man saw something in him and encouraged him to follow his dream.

Mr. Holyfield won his first Boys and Girls Club Boxing Tournament at age 7 and from there on, he was just unstoppable.  Mr. Holyfield gave all the credit to “growing up” in the Boys and Girls Club.

I met Mr. Holyfield in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel and asked him if I could shake his hand and have my picture made with him.  He said, “I won’t shake your hand, but I’ll give you a hug and gladly have my picture made with YOU”!  He made me feel like the celebrity.

~ Elizabeth Hensley, Burke County Board of REALTORS®, Morganton

Magda Esola and Dr. Wayne Dyer

Magda Esola and Dr. Wayne Dyer

Magda & Dr. Wayne Dyer

I was lucky to have met Dr. Wayne Dyer just a few months before he passed.

~ Magda Esola, Fielding Homes LLC, Charlotte

Mike & Phil Collins

Many. But one really special one; Had dinner with Phil Collins and his daughter at the opening of Nobu 57 in NYC. I was outside talking to a NYC cop/bouncer after 9-11 and we couldn’t get in, so he was trying to find a way since we were all the way from NC. This guy in front of us heard we didn’t have a reservation and made a hateful comment about us being idiots from the country, thinking we can just walk in the hottest spot in the city. This well-dressed guy was standing next to the cop and overheard the remark. He told us to hang back and wait a minute. He went inside returning 5 minutes later. He looked at us and smiled and told us to come with him.

We walked past the line, past the hostess and doorman, straight up the stairs to a two-person table and were told that this was our table. We were blown away. There were 100 people standing outside!!! We look next to us and it’s Phil Collins with a younger gal. He told us “Have a good time and enjoy the food. This guy’s food is to die for!” We simply replied, “Thank you, we’re so excited.” I told him how we just managed to get in, and we had no idea who the guy was at the front door who got us this table.

Later, I went to have a smoke and the same bouncer/NYPD cop was standing there. He asked me for a smoke, and I gladly gave him the pack. He asked how our dinner was, and I told him the miso cod was the best piece of fish I’d ever had in my life. He asked if I got to meet “him”? I was like who, Nobu? No… Phil Collins he said. I was thinking how the heck do you know we sat next to Phil??? That’s when he told me the guy in the black suit was Phil’s driver and he knew they were sitting at two tables pushed together and the other guests weren’t going to make it in time for dinner, so the guy went and asked if they would split the table for some of Phil’s associates to have dinner. Holy cow!!!! We got Phil Collins’s table???? Hahaha! No picture as this was long before the selfie era!!!

~ Mike Slocum, The Slocum Group, Greenville

Kimberly Williams and Angela Bassett

Kimberly Williams and Angela Bassett

Kimberly & Angela Bassett

Met Angela Bassett at a rally for Hillary Clinton in Chapel Hill, N.C.

~ Kimberly Williams, Right Time Realty, Raleigh

Crystal Janneh and Karyn Parsons

Crystal Janneh and Karyn Parsons

Crystal & Karyn Parsons

I hung out with Karyn Parsons, “Hillary Banks” of the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. This was at the Harvey B. Gantt Center Art Exhibit and Children’s Film Festival in Charlotte on March 24, 2018. She was so kind and polite. She has written children’s films and books.

~ Crystal Janneh, Erica Homes LLC, Charlotte